We have a simple pricing model.  We only charge if you charge.

All features built into our platform are available for you to run a smooth and seamless event.  

The pricing structure is:

  • Competition Corner Fee: 3.5% + 1.50
  • Credit Card Process Fee:  2.9% + .30 

Pricing is based on your events currency (USD, CAD, EUR, GBP,  SGD)

For Example:

You want to charge 50 for registration: 

You can Pass Fees On to your customers and charge them 55.15 and you get a payout of 50 and Competition Corner gets 5.15.


You can Absorb Fees for your customers and you would get a payout of 45.17

To play with the numbers check out our interactive calculator:

The majority of organizers generally pass fees to their customers and pay nothing out of pocket to use Competition Corner.

* This is based on per registration, there is no additional cost for team registration. 

** Credit card processing fee is based on current Stripe standard fees.  International conversion fees may apply.  You may also use your own Stripe processor.

Before you go LIVE, double check your registration fees, Competition Corner IS NOT responsible incorrect price entries.

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