Planning an Online Competition
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Running an online competition is a great way to break out of your 4 walls and reach a wider audience. And luckily we've built a solution to help you manage this.

Our system works similar to the CF Open format:

  • You collect registrations

  • You release the workouts

  • Athletes submit scores by deadline

  • Athlete scores are published to the leaderboard at real time (unless you reject it)

We provide you with the tools to run a smooth online event with the following features:

  1. setup an online competition and collect registrations

  2. create workouts, and schedule when they will be visible to your athletes

  3. embed standards video, set deadlines for score submissions

  4. auto email workout announcements and deadline reminders

  5. review workout and accept or reject a score

  6. repeat steps 2-5 depending on how many workouts you have.

Your success factor:

The key to running a successful online event is your content and marketing efforts!

Here are some tips:

  • Market the heck out of your event!

  • Keep your price point around $20-$30

  • Make sure you communicate to your athletes when workouts will be released.

  • Make sure you remind athletes when deadlines are approaching.

  • Make sure you provide thorough instructions and a standards video to deflect any possible confusion.

  • Athlete's tend to wait till the first workout is released before signing up, so time your workout releases accordingly.

  • Keep registration open until the deadline of the first workout

Now let's get started!

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