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Creating an Event

Your starting point in creating an event

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Applicable to: Onsite and Online Events

Before you start your registration process, you'll need to create an event. 

  1. Click Create New Event  (Don't see this option, click here)

  2. Set an event type: Functional Fitness (Onsite Event), Online Competition, Weightlifting.

  3. Fill out the basic details about your event and click Create

  4. Now go through and configure the basic 5 W's of your event:

  • Who will you cater your event to, Individuals, Teams or Both? How many divisions will you have?

  • What type of event will it be? Individuals, Teams or Both?

  • When does the event happen? When does registration start and end?

  • Where is the event taking place?

  • Why is this event happening?

Tip:  Set your event up for success!  Provide as much detail as possible before going live.  Think about the questions your prospective Athlete will ask and address it in the Event Description.  Events that leave questions on the table will generally sell less registrations.

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