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Setting up Scoring
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Applies to: Onsite Events

Before you start setting up how you want to score your event, you should have your workouts already figured out.

The scoring setup applies across the board, you can not define 1 scoring method for 1 workout and another method for a different workout.

Some things to consider:

Why score by Points

  • Scoring by points is design to align with the athletes relative performance

  • If you have a low attendance per division or overall, you may want to score by points, this will help reduce the number of ties.

  • Scoring by points should only be used if you have less than 65 athletes per division

  • Highest points wins

Why score by Rank

  • If you have a high attendance then you will want to score by rank.

  • Lowest points win

The Setup

Scoring Method

  1. Go to Scoring Setup

  2. Select "Score by points" or "Score by rank"

  3. If you are not weighting workouts, leave Use weighted scoring to "No"

Weighting Workouts

  1. If you want to apply weighting, change Use weighted scoring to "Yes"

  2. Define the percentage of weight for each workout. By default all workouts are scored 100% unless you explicitly define a value.

Some example use cases in using this feature:

  • You want to double the points for a final workout.  In this scenario, you would set the value for the final workout to 200%

  • You have a 2 part workout and each part is worth 50%.  In this scenario, you would set the value 2 part workouts to 50% each. 

Leaderboard Score Display

You have the ability to display scores as soon as they are entered or delay the display of the scores.

  • Real Time Scores : As soon as you click "Save" the scores are immediately published and displayed on the leaderboard

  • Delay Scores : This method allow you to enter scores as they are received but gives you the option to delay the score display on the leaderboard. This is great if you want to create more anticipation.

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