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Setting Heat Schedules

Setting up the time for each workout and heat.

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Applies to: Onsite Events

Once you've finalized your workouts and heats, you can set the appropriate schedule for each workout and heat.

Schedules are managed independently within each workout.  Go to your desired workout, and click on the Schedule tab.

If you're heats have a standard transition, you can use the time calculator to quickly fill in the times, or you can plug in the times yourself.

Quick Tip

Think about a few factors that play into the timing of the day:

  1. total number of heats,

  2. length of workouts,

  3. equipment transition between divisions, and

  4. equipment transition between workouts.

Where does the schedule appear?

The schedule appears in several areas:

  • Under Reports, you can quickly print up the entire Heats and Schedule breakdown and distribute to your internal staff.

  • If you have the Schedule enabled on the leaderboard, your Spectators and Athletes can view the schedule directly from the leaderboard.

Any updates you make in the system will automatically update online, saving you time in having to re-communicate any changes to your event.

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