Registration Settings

Configuring your registration form, custom fields, waivers, and more.

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Applicable to: Onsite and Online Events

You have the ability to control and capture more or less information during the registration process. By default, the registration form will capture the following for an Individual competition:

  1. Athlete's Name (First and Last Name)

  2. Gender

  3. Address

  4. Emergency Contact Info

  5. Division (if enabled)

  6. Affiliate / Box / Gym

If you are running a Team competition, the registration form will ask for the:

  1. Team Name

  2. Team Mate's Info (Name and Email Address)

Other Options

You may enable additional options to your registration form by going to Registration Settings include:

  • Password Protecting your event - this is typically used for in-house and/or invite only events

  • Enabling Subcategories - If you're running a global event and want to segregate athletes by Region, Weight Class, etc..

  • Ask for T-Shirt, Shorts and Shoe sizes

  • Ask for benchmark stats

  • Add a waiver

  • Enable an email notification for every registration received

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