Creating an on-site workout

Programming workouts, setting scoring types, tiebreakers and release dates

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Applies to: Onsite Events

Quick Tip:
If you're programing a workout for multiple divisions, keep it simple, and just scale the weights, don't over complicate things because it adds precious time to your heat transitions  It also keeps things clean for judges, athletes and spectators to follow along.

You can start creating your workouts anytime before the actual event, workouts will not be exposed unless you explicit set it. 

To add a workout:

  1. Go to Workouts / Planning

  2. Click +

  3. Enter the workout name

  4. Select the type of workout (AMRAP, Max Weight, For Time)

  5. Set a Time Cap (If applicable)

  6. Describe the workout

  7. Set your Workout Release Date and Time

  8. Select the divisions the workout applies to

  9. Set a Tiebreaker (If applicable)

  10. Click Create

The Workout Release Date and Time

This allows you to create the workout, but still keep it unpublished until you decide when you want to expose it on the leaderboard.  If the date is set in the future, a default message will appear on the leaderboard as "The workout will be announced soon", once that date and time hit, the system will display the full description of the workout.


You can program tiebreakers into applicable workouts, here are some examples:

For Max Rep workouts, you can incorporate a repetition tiebreaker that segregates a placement based on a supplementary workout that incorporates repetitions.

  • An example a snatch ladder format, with a max double under after a failed attempt.

For AMRAP workouts, you can incorporate a time tiebreaker that segregates a placement based on the fastest time a person go to their last completed round.

For Timed workouts, you can set a tiebreaker for repetitions for athletes that do not finish before the time cap.  

Check out this sample leaderboard, workout "The American Dream" where they set a repetition as the tiebreaker if someone was time capped.

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