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You can create an online waiver form and require your registrants to acknowledge the terms of the form before registering.

  • Within the Settings, you must enable this feature by setting the field Display Waiver to Yes

  • The screen will refresh and display a new field called Waiver.

  • Populate the waiver with the content you want displayed to your registrants.

Your waiver will appear along with check box for acknowledgement of the read and a digital signature will appear at the bottom of the registration form, below is an example of what the athlete will see.

If you enable a waiver form, registrants must accept the waiver before they can proceed to completing their registration. Registrants will have the ability to click and view the waiver online before accepting.

The waiver notates that the registrant has acknowledged the document. It's always good to have them ink sign a waiver onsite to cover all basis.

Consult your legal council on how you should manage your liabilities around release of liabilities.

Who signs the waiver during registration?

The person registering is required to accept and sign the waiver before completing their transaction.

If they are signing up a team, the team members will receive a follow up email requesting them to sign the waiver.  

Note:  A note about team members, they will only receive the waiver if the team captain provided their correct email address.  In many cases they will overlook the email.  It's recommended to use the "Request Missing Waiver" feature to nudge them to sign it. 

Who signed a waiver?

You can go to the Athlete list and filter who has a waiver on file.

How do I request athletes to sign a waiver?

If you added a waiver after you started registration and/or if a team mate has not signed.

  • To send a global request to all missing waivers, you can simply click, Request Missing Waiver, at the bottom of the Athlete list.  

  • To request a waiver from a specific athlete, locate the athlete and then click "Request Waiver"

How do I print a waiver?

You can download all waivers under the Reports section.  Waivers are downloadable into a PDF file.

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