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We offer 3 different versions of the public leaderboard for different applications:

  • LCD Leaderboard offers a high visibility display that can be projected or displayed on a big screen TV.  It's a great passive way way to display live scores throughout your venue.

  • Embeddable Leaderboard offers the ability to blend our leaderboard into your website to create a seamless and single entry point for all information about your event.

  • Standard Leaderboard is always accessible directly from our site.  

Both the Standard and Embeddable versions are mobile friendly leaderboards and offer every ounce of detail a spectator would need to follow along.  

Check out some of the leaderboards on our main site to get a feel for the experience.

We also have a "preview mode" leaderboard only available to the organizers and score keepers.  This leaderboard allows you to preview ranks before the public.  This is a great way to do a quick quality check and/or podium winners before pushing the live score to the public.

All leaderboard links are located in the Share & Display section.  

The leaderboard is also quickly accessible to the score keeper within their entry screen 

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