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Broadcast Graphics

Using dynamic graphics to display on a live stream

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If you're working with a media production team that has broadcasting experience, then this is the feature for you. You can now overlay real time data onto your web streams. We have several dynamic graphics available to rotate through various transitions of your event.

  1. Lane Assignments : Displays the athlete roster for a specific heat

  2. Heat Results : Displays the athlete scores for a specific heat

  3. Workout Recap: Displays the overall rankings by workout for a particular division

  4. Overall Standings : Displays the overall ranking of each division

  5. 1/3 Heats and Workout : Displays in a 1/3 view a caption of the current heat and/or workout

You can find many other broadcast assets under Share & Display > Broadcast

In order to leverage this feature, you will need to have the following tools available to you:

  1. Broadcasting Software such as vMix, Wirecast, Ustream Producer.

  2. Broadcasting platform such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc.

  3. Solid coordination between your broadcasting and scoring team.

As scores are entered into the system, this information is automatically synced to the various graphics which provides your broadcasting team real time and accurate data to display. It's necessary for the team to coordinate when to display the various cue cards.

This is an advanced feature and should be rehearsed prior to the event to ensure a seamless experience for your viewers.

Here's a quick video overview of how this works:

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