Assigning Athletes to Heats
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Applies to: Onsite Events

Once you're ready to start assigning athletes to heats, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Workout / Planning

  2. Click on a Workout

  3. Then go to Heats Assignments

Within this view, you have one of two ways to create heats:

  1. Create a blank canvas and manually drag athletes to the desired heat and position

  2. Quickly Generate Heats based on a few critierias.

Creating heats from a blank canvas:

  1. Enter the number of competitors you want per heat for the current workout, then click Generate Heats.

  2. The will calculate how many heats you may need and present a blank canvas for you to select athletes from the pick list and drag them over.  

Quick Tips

  • You can filter the list by Division and select multiple athlete at a time.

  • There are more options available to you in each heat by clicking the ... link

Creating heats using the Auto Generate Heats feature:

Several reasons you would use this feature: 

  • You just want to place athletes in and call it a day.

  • You are wanting to re-assign athletes based on their current ranks (a huge time saver, especially when you need to re-act quickly)

To start:

  1. Click on Auto Generate Heats

  2. Fill in the relevant questions. 

  3. Click Generate

More details about the Auto Generate Heats here

Repeat this process for each workout.  

Quick Tip: If you have the exact same heat format for every workout, go to the next workout and click "Copy Heat" and select a workout you want to copy the heats over from.

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