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Automated Workout Announcements and Deadline Reminders
Automated Workout Announcements and Deadline Reminders
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Keeping your Athlete's updated is critical to the success of an online competition! You can't rely on Athlete's checking your website and/or your social feeds when you make a workout announcement.

Delivering the information directly to their inbox seals the deal ensuring Athlete's are notified regarding critical updates such as when a Workout is Announced and Due.

To enable these features go to:

  1. Scoring Setup

  2. Check the box next to the relevant option

The Workout Announcement email will trigger on the Publish Date of a workout.

The Deadline Reminder email will trigger 24 hours prior to your Deadline Date of a workout.

Both emails will include the Workout Name, Description, Deadline, a link to the Workout Standards/Video and a reminder on how to submit their scores.

Sample Workout Announcement Email 

Sample Deadline Email Reminder

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