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Setting up Vendor packages
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How it works

You can enable various vendor packages for purchase directly off your event landing page. Once you've talked to your vendors, you can direct them to the vendor registration form to fill out some basic details and pay for their fees.

The Setup

Before you enable the Become a Vendor button on your event page, you'll need to setup the various packages you're offering to your vendors.

  1. Go to Vendor Packages

  2. Specify a Package Name, i.e. Gold Package, Silver Package, whatever you want to call it.

  3. Set the Price
    you can pass fees on or absorb the fees, you can determine this under the Pricing section

  4. Set a limit of how many packages are available

  5. Outline the description of what the package includes.

  6. Click Add

When you're ready to broadcast this option, go to the Other Settings and set Enable Vendor Form? to Yes

This will enable a new button on your event landing page.

Once vendors complete their registration process, they will receive an email confirmation, you will receive an email notification.

Their entry will appear under Participants > Vendors

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