Setting up your volunteer form
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Applies to: Onsite and Online Events

To capture Volunteer information, you'll want to head over to  Participants > Volunteers and set "Enable Volunteer Form" to Yes

In addition to turning the form, you can configure the volunteer registration form to capture the necessary details you need to properly staff your backend team.  Simply turn on/off the various 

Options include:

  • Apparel sizing

  • Volunteer Roles

  • Volunteer Shifts

Then head over to the Volunteers section and configure what information you'd like to ask of the volunteer.  You can turn on/off various fields and add custom fields. 

In addition you can setup various volunteer roles and shifts to fine tune the various departments you need help with.

Once this is all set any one can register to volunteer for your event within the Event details of your event page or if on your own website if you embed the form.

Volunteers will receive an email confirmation once they've submitted their info.

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