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Managing and Reviewing Virtual Scores

How to review, edit, and reject online scores

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As Athlete's begin submitting their scores, scores will post directly to the leaderboard, (unless you’re running a blind leaderboard) as the Event Organizer you and your team have full control over all scores within the Results dashboard.  

The Scoring interface has been optimized for you to manage your entire reviewing workflow within the platform.

Highlight Features

  1. View scores by Division and Workout

  2. Search for Athletes and/or Teams

  3. Filter by Score Status, Division, Missing Videos, Follow Ups

  4. Add, Edit or Reject Scores

  5. Request Videos

  6. Sort by Score, Workout Rank and/or Overall Rank

  7. Tag scores for follow up and add internal notes

  8. Tag scores that you've reviewed.

  9. Freeze the leaderboard while scores are under review.

Rejecting / Penalizing Scores

As you review scores and need to reject or adjust a score.  Click on the Judgement Call icon.  This will give you several options:

  1. You can reject the entire score, provide a reason, notify the athlete and give them an opportunity to re-submit (even after the original deadline)

  2. You can penalize their score, by adjusting it, notifying the athlete of the penalty and move on to the next. 

Action Icons

The action icons shown for each score allows you to interact with an individual or team score.  From left to right:

  1. Watch Video - allows you to watch the uploaded workout video

  2. Judgement Call - Allows you to reject/adjust/penalize the score, provide a reason for your action and notify the Athlete.

  3. Edit - allows you to edit a score (same as adjusting, however does not alert the athlete)

  4. View history - shows you a history of any changes that happen to that specific score.  A before/after audit trail.

  5. Internal Note - allows you to document any notes that's only visible to your team

  6. Email - allows you to email that athlete directly

Best Practice

  • To help prioritize your review process, sort by the Workout or Overall Rank to review the top athletes first.

  • Sort by the Score to identify any outliers and flag those scores first.

  • After you've reviewed a score, tag it with a full star

  • If you need to follow up with an athlete, tag them with a half star

  • If you’re adjusting a mass amount of scores, try freezing the leaderboard to avoid shuffling during the review phase.

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