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Can I add an additional category to the leaderboard, like a "Region"?
Can I add an additional category to the leaderboard, like a "Region"?

Creating sub-divisions

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Yes you can! There is a universal feature called "Sub-Divisions". This allows you to segregate athletes by whatever category name you want to call it.

An example use case would be adding a "Region" option for a global competition. Similar to the Open.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Under Sub Divisions section, set USE Sub-Divisions to Yes

  2. And then give define the Sub Division label, such as "Region"

  3. Now proceed to adding the various sub-division options, such as: So-Cal, NorCal, MidWest, East Coast, etc..  whatever you want your values to be.

This enables a few new features:

Registration Form

  1. Adds a new dropdown field called "Region" (since you named the subcategory that) to your Registration form

  2. The values in that dropdown field will be what you defined in the Sub-Category section.

  3. Athletes will be required to select a value from that field when they register


  1. This adds a new dropdown to your leaderboard.

  2. Now you will have the ability to filter your leaderboard by Division and Region

Check out these sample leaderboards.

This event ran 5 events in 5 different countries on the same weekend with 1 leaderboard. 

This event segregated Athlete's by Age

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