We made it easy for you to figure out how many T-shirts you need to order for your athletes and volunteers. 

If you need to view or edit a specific Athlete's t-shirt size.

  1. Go to Athletes

  2. Search for that athlete and click the Update icon

If you need to print a report:

There's 3 ways you can generate this:

Once you're ready to start ordering t-shirts, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Reports

  2. Click T-Shirt Order Sheet

The report will give you a quick breakdown of how many t-shirts you need to order by size and gender.

If you want to see a more detailed report of Athlete / T-Shirts:

  1. Go to Reports

  2. Click Athlete Check-In Sheet

If you want a bit more detail, you can export your entire Athlete list into Excel and create your own report.

  1. Go to Reports

  2. Locate Detailed Athlete List

  3. Click Export Athletes

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