For Timed workouts, generally a time cap is programmed for the purpose of keeping the day on schedule.

There are a couple ways you can rank athletes that do not finish within the allotted time, depends on how you program your workouts, here are your options:

Option A: The easiest approach is turn on the time cap option in the workout editor.  This will enable a new option in the score entry page called TC, simply click TC, and enter the completed reps.  (This is a natural transcription from the scorecard to the system)

Note: If you bake in a tiebreaker of any kind, you will need to go with Option B

Option B: You can add 1 second for every repetition not completed (this is not always directly obvious on the leaderboard and requires a bit of math (which lends possible entry errors), check out WOD 2 of this example, which has a 16 minute time cap).

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