Applies to: Onsite and Online Events

You can provide volunteers with temporary and limited access to your event for scoring purposes.

  1. Go to Volunteer Access

  2. Set an Expiration Date that will disable your volunteers access. Generally the day after the event.

  3. Determine if you want to grant access level (Score Keeper, Media or Hosting Privileges?)

  4. Click Add

  5. A username and password will auto-generate

You can share this info with your volunteers, this will grant them limited access to manage parts of your event based on their role as :


  • Generate Reports

  • Use Live Stream Overlays

Score Keeper

  • All of the above

  • Manage Heats and Schedules

  • View Workouts

  • View Volunteers

  • Generate Reports

  • Enter Scores


  • All of the above

  • View Athlete and Team List

  • Manage Teams (Update Names, Divisions, Replace Team Mates)

  • Manage Volunteer Forms

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