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Importing scores

Importing scores from a csv file from a timing system

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Applies to: Onsite Events

Some events may capture scores from an external source, such as a chip timing system, aquatics timing system, Concept 2, etc.   

This is especially when you're capturing results from a large volume of athletes such as a 5K run and quickly upload those results into Competition Corner.

Planning Phase

  1. First you'll need to turn the import option on.  Go to Scoring Setup and set Import Scores to Use

  2. Next, export your Athlete list, by going to Reports and export your Athlete List. At minimum, you should include the following columns: Athlete/Team Name, Division, Gender, and ParticipantID.

  3. You'll provide this 'master' list to the 3rd party software to capture the results. If you're working with a chip company, they usually import this list in and then assign a bib number to each athlete.

A few important notes:

  • It's very important that you provide the 3rd party company an export from Competition Corner to ensure they have an exact master list of your athletes.

  • The ParticipantID is the unique ID for each athlete, it's important this data point is provided with the results file in order to properly import the scores back to the correct athlete


  1. Open the file and do a quality check!

  2. Remove any DNF or DNS scores, those will not import into the system. You will have to manually DNF the athletes after the import

  3. If you're importing a timed event, make sure the time is in a HH:MM:SS.mmm format, for example 5 minutes 10 seconds should be 00:05:10.000

  4. If you're importing a non-timed event, such as distance, weight, calories, repetitions, make sure your results are all numbers

  5. Once everything checks out, save the file in a CSV format.

Importing Scores

  1. Go to Manage Scores

  2. Click Import Scores

  3. Select the workout

  4. Type the exact column name of the ParticipantID from the CSV file

  5. Type the exact column name of the Athlete's Score from the CSV file

  6. Browse for the CSV file containing the scores

  7. Click Import


  • Once scores are imported, the only way to reverse it is to individually clear the Athlete's score, so make sure you did your quality check before importing.

If you notice a mistake after your import, you can edit the score directly in the system or you can correct the discrepancy in your import file and re-import.

Common Error Codes:

ID="XXXX" already exists
Your file has a duplicate ID number, you will need to reconcile that in the source file before you attempt another import.

Invalid Time Format
Make sure the time is in the format of HH:MM:SSS.mmm

Considerations for Team events

Competition Corner will only accept 1 score per Team, this is important to consider how you chip your teams. There are 2 approaches:

  • Use 1 chip per team

  • Use a chip for every team member on the team

If you are chipping every team member on a team, you will need to process the total team score before it is imported into Competition Corner.

It is also important that you verify that each team mates scores are accounted for to avoid a partial teams score appear faster than a complete team score after you process their totals.

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