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How do I cut an athlete from advancing to the next workout?
How do I cut an athlete from advancing to the next workout?

Learn how to cut an athlete from the leaderboard

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You can enable the CUT feature if you plan on reducing the field as the day progresses to the final events. 

This is entirely optional, this feature simply allows you to notate who was CUT on the leaderboard. Alternatively, you can simply NOT enter scores for athletes not advancing and you get the same result.

First, you'll want to turn the CUT feature on.

  1. Go to Scoring Setup

  2. Set CUT Feature to USE

Now, let me paint the scenario for you.  You want to advance the Top 10 athletes in the Rx division to the final event 

First, it's VERY important to make sure all scores are entered before using this feature. 

Based on the current overall scores of the Athlete's, the system will determine the top Athlete's advancing

  1. On the same Scoring entry page, Results

  2. Expand the sidebar, and select Advancing Athletes

  3. Enter the Top Athlete's advancing, if you're advancing the Top 10, enter 10

  4. Select the Division for those Athlete's advancing

  5. Select the Workout the Athlete's will be advancing to

  6. Click Apply

The Leaderboard

After applying your CUT, athlete's NOT advancing will have a CUT notated for the workout they didn't advance to.

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