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Creating Divisions

Creating different skill groups

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Applicable to: Onsite and Online Events

We give you the flexibility to create unlimited divisions and set different settings per division.

If your event caters to multiple skill levels, then you will want to create divisions.  This will allow you group athletes of similar skill levels.

For example, you may have a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced division.

When creating divisions, you have several other options available to you.

You can set for each division

  • division description - this is displayed when an athlete selects a division during registration, it's best to provide expectations for each division, for example, if you have a Master's division, specify the age and cut off date for that division.

  • registration limit - if you're limiting a division to a certain number, if not leave it blank

  • specific price - you can set a specific price for the division, if not it will use your general price set in the Pricing section

  • privacy controls - you can password protect a specific division.

  • you can hide a division from the registration form (in case of a sell out)

  • you can hide a division from the leaderboard (in case they're competing on a different day)

  • you can show the representing nation on the leaderboard

  • if you are running a Team event, you can also specify the team size per division.

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