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What's best approach in re-assigning heats based on the Athlete's rank?
What's best approach in re-assigning heats based on the Athlete's rank?

Re-seeding Athletes based on rank

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Re-assigning athletes by rank creates a more competitive and exciting event.  In a typical situation, you're wanting to re-assign athletes in a division based on their current rank immediately after a certain workout is complete.  

  • Some multi-date events will do at the end of each day, for the following day.

  • Some events will do this leading up to the final couple workouts.

In both cases, the process is the same, the only difference is your timing.  You need to be mindful of the schedule and when to start your the re-assignments and notifying athletes of their new positions.

Let's focus on the extreme scenario:

You're running an event with 3 divisions (Scaled, Masters, and Rx) with 4 workouts.  You want to re-seed athletes immediately after each workout, so the best of the best are together.  Looking at the sample time table below on the timing of your re-seed.

The Scaled division is scheduled to finish around 9:30, which means once scores are in for that division, you can begin re-seeding them based on their new rank while the Masters division is on the floor competing.  Follow that same timing pattern.


  • You should have the heat and schedule setup in advance.  Make sure you've prepared a blank heat schedule for each workout so it's ready to go as soon as the ranks are tallied.  At this point you simply drag the athletes into their proper positions in their heats.  


  • Once the scores are in and verified for each division, go to the workout and begin the re-seeding process.  A quick method is to Filter by Division and Sort by Rank. The example below we've re-seeded 40 teams within 50 seconds.   We filtered by Division, sorted by Rank (worst to best) and dragged the bottom ranked athletes into the earlier heats, then sorted each heat in a swim lane format.


  • Athletes: As soon as the re-seeds are done, the new heats are immediately posted to the leaderboard.  The athletes simply go to the leaderboard and view their new schedule.

  • Staff: Simply go to Reports and print up the new schedule for your staff.

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