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Managing an overall tiebreaker rules

Have a game plan to handle tie breaks

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It's up to you on how you run your own event and establish your rules around an overall tiebreaker. You don't want to be stuck figuring out who takes the top stop when 2 athletes are sitting in 1st place.

By default our leaderboard will treat an overall tie, as a one to one tie based on the total score.  Placing the better overall performed on top.

However you can establish your own rules under Scoring Setup -> Scoring Options

  • Based on best overall finish (Default): Looks at all workouts and compares between the tied competitors who had the best overall finish.

    The example below shows that while both had a 2nd place finish, the next best finish for each athlete respectively was a 2nd vs a 3rd place finish. Thereby declaring Atsuko the higher rank.

  • Treat an overall tie as equals: This treats the overall tie as an equal and the competitors will share the same rank.

  • Based on a specific workout: You may select a specific workout that will determine the overall tiebreak. In the example below, the workout 'Use The Force' was selected as the tiebreaker. As a result, Kira took the higher rank.

You can also establish different tiebreaker rules by division as well by editing the Division settings.

Once you've determined your approach be sure to notate it in your rulebook and communicate it with your athletes on how you determine an overall tiebreaker.

If the above does not work for you, you can manually adjust a overall tiebreaker by going to Results > Adjust Tiebreaker

Select the division you'd like to adjust and them manually shift the competitor up or down based on your tiebreaker rules.

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