Applies to: Onsite Events

A few tips to ensure a smooth scoring process:

The scorecard:

  • pre-fill the scorecard with the competitors ID and Name - you will have scorecards come in with shorthand names which slows the process and makes it difficult to match up to the competitors in the system.   

  • there is a spot for the final score or completed reps (if there is a time cap)

Make sure your judges:

  • see the scorecards beforehand

  • write legibly

  • are clear on what needs to be written on the scorecards

  • get a clear signature from the competitor (in case there are disputes, which is inevitable.)


To enter scores go to Results

  • Select a Division, and then a Workout (this ensures you're entering scores for the correct division and workout)

  • You'll be presented with 2 types of lists.  An All and a Heats tab.  The All tab lists all competitors, while the Heats tab breaks the competitors into their respective heats.

  • At this point, it's straight data entry!  

Visual Indicators

There are a few fail-safe features to ensure scores are entered and committed.  A visual indicator will state when you save or do not save a score.  

Delaying vs Live Scoring

By default, the leaderboard is set to publish scores as soon as you enter scores.  

If you turn on Delayed scoring (Learn more here), there is an extra step needed to publish your scores.

As you enter scores, they will save to the system, however WILL NOT immediate display on the leaderboard until you Publish the scores.  

Here's a typical scenario:

You may want to hold off on displaying scores until a full division has completed a workout.  So you'd enter scores as they they flow in and once the final set of scores have been entered, you then publish the scores.  The advantage to this is you have a clear point standing per division as they complete each workout.  

If Delayed scoring is enabled, you will have an additional visual indicator letting you know which scores are visible or hidden from the leaderboard.

  • Green indicates the score is on the leaderboard

  • Grey indicates the score is not on the leaderboard

Viewing the Leaderboard

As the score keeper, you have quick access to everything you need to report and view the scores.  

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