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If you’re new to the GDPR, here’s a bit of background: the General Data Protection Regulation is a new law that regulates how the personal data of EU citizens can be collected, used, and processed by businesses. It takes effect on May 25, 2018, and while it’s being implemented by the European Union, it applies not only to organizations based in the EU but also to those that have customers and contacts in the EU. So it’s going to have an impact on businesses all around the world.

How the GDPR benefits your event?

While the GDPR requires some effort, it can also lead to some big benefits for you and your events.

  • The law will help create a more trusting relationship between you and your customers. Knowing exactly what kind of experience customers want from you helps you meet—and exceed—their expectations. 

  • The GDPR empowers your customers to understand exactly what data is being collected and how it will be used. 

To learn more head over to Wikipedia to get an abridged explanation of the law

How do you stay in compliance?

As the data controller of your event, you are responsible to communicate with your customers your intended use with their personal information.

If your event is global in nature or in the EU, your event must comply with GDPR and you must explicitly state to your customers on how you plan on using their information.  Our system will make this a requirement.  You may adjust your intentions within the GDPR Compliance Option

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