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Managing Scoring Appeals

Handling Scoring Disputes

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It happens, could be something as simple as an entry error or a judging call.  Handling a few here and there can easily be managed face to face however if you're running an event with over 200+ athlete, it may become a bit harder to manage.

We've introduced a cleaner approach to managing disputes directly within the system.


To enable this feature go to Scoring Setup, turn it on, establish your appeals policy and specify an email address that will receive a notification.

When you turn this feature on, you're enabling the ability for your athletes to submit a scoring challenge directly from their Competition Corner account during the time period of your event.  

The Rules

  • Only the Athlete or Team Captain (if they're on a team) can submit a scoring challenge.

  • They may only submit 1 challenge per workout.  


When a challenge is submitted, an email is sent to the address you specify.   That challenge is also stored in the "Scoring Challenge" section.

This section will be your central messaging system to manage all your scoring challenges.  If a challenge goes back and forth, all parties involved will be notified over email.

The outcome will be one of two ways:

  • Score Stands - you respond to Athlete letting them know of your decision and you close the dispute. 

  • In Favor of the Athlete - you amend the score directly from the dispute form or have the score keeper adjust it, notify the athlete and close the dispute.

In both cases, the athlete will receive an email notification of your decision and when the dispute is closed.

Communication to your Athlete

If you enable this feature, make sure you clearly communicate to the athletes how you will handle scoring appeals and direct Athletes to log into Competition Corner to initiate an appeals.   You can direct athletes to this FAQ on how to submit an appeal or share/print off this QR code for a quick and easy scan.

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