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Wordpress Leaderboard Plugins

Seamless integrate an overall leaderboard on your Wordpress site

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We offer several free Wordpress plugins of our leaderboard you can use to create a dynamic and seamless experience directly off your website.  

  • Top 10 Overall Standings by Division

  • Light version of our full leaderboard

  • Affiliate Leaderboard

These leaderboards were designed with the purpose of driving traffic to your sites and offer your visitors a glimpse into the current standings.  Visitors can then launch out to the full featured leaderboard to dive deeper into the full standings and leverage all the native features within our leaderboards. 

Install Wordpress Plugin

  • First download our plugin below

  • Within the backend of Wordpress, go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin

  • Browse for the plugin zip file

  • Once it's uploaded, activate the plugin.

Configure your leaderboard

  • Navigate to Settings

  • Depending on which plugin you have installed you should see: Competition Corner Leaderboard or Competition Corner Full Leaderboard

  • Set the proper parameters:

General Setup

  • Show Top # Competitors - this will display the total number of competitors within the leaderboard

  • Max Height - determines the height of the overall leaderboard

  • Primary Color - sets the color of the 'View Full Leaderboard' button and font color of the competitor

  • Secondary Color - sets the color of the Division dropdown (use hex code to determine your desired color in the format of #000000)

  • Font Selection - sets your preferred font

Add Events

You can add as many as you'd like.

  • Your Event ID - You can find this within the link of your Event

  • Event Name - Set the event name, you can label it match your needs, for example 2018 Qualifier, 2018 Final, etc...

  • Your Leaderboard Link - will set the link for the "View Full Leaderboard" button.  You can retrieve this link under the "Share & Display" within Competition Corner

Leaderboard Placement

Within Wordpress, simply drop in the shortcode [cc_leaderboard] or [cc_full_leaderboard] anywhere you want the overall leaderboard to appear on your website.

Sample Leaderboard Displays

Top 10 Overall Leaderboard Plugin

Full Leaderboard Plugin

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