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Penalizing scores on the leaderboard
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These features allow you to further define how you want certain scores to be ranked on your leaderboard.  

Please note: it's recommended to align your setup with your rule book so your athletes are aware of how you plan on scoring. 

Penalize Scaled Scores

If you are allowing athletes to scale a workout within a division and you want to make sure they are always below any one that completed all workouts as prescribed, you have the option to penalize them by placing them below all athletes that submitted a score for a prescribed workout.  

The leaderboard will rank athletes based their grouping:

  • the 1st group are athletes that did all workouts Rx

  • the 2nd group are athletes that had 1 scaled/intermediate workout

  • 3rd group: 2 scaled / intermediate workouts

  • 4th group: 3 scaled / intermediate workouts

  • etc

Athletes are further penalized as they scale more workouts.

Penalize Incomplete Scores

If your rulebook dictates that an athlete must have a score for all workouts to remain in contention, you will want to set this to "Do Not Use"

The example below shows Patrick Vellner with 614 total points and in 5th position even though he did not participate in the first workout.

By turning this on, you're preventing the athlete from accumulating points that would contribute to their overall score for a ranking position.   Below is the same athlete with 614 points however since he did not complete all the workouts, he is placed below everyone else that did complete all the workouts.

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