Leaderboard Options: Age Filtering
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This option allows you to filter by Age Range within a Division. Note this only works for Individuals divisions.

When this is turned on, the leaderboard will display an Age Group filter that'll allow you to filter by the age group you define.

There are two requirements to enable this feature:

  1. You need to capture the Birth Date of the athlete during registration. You turn this on, go to Registration Settings -> Set "Birth Date" to "Ask"

  2. You need to define your age groups and cut-off dates. You can set this under Scoring Setup under the Leaderboard Filter tab

When enabled users will be able to filter based on the athletes age and where they fall within.

Click on the button below to view an example leaderboard

What If?

An athlete appears under the incorrect age group, go to the Athlete's record and change their birthdate to the correct date.

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