Collaborator access allows you to share management controls of your event. This access level is generally reserved for team members with greater responsibilities in managing the logistics of your event.

  • Go to Collaborators

  • Click on the Collaborating Organizers tab

  • Click Invite and enter your team members email address.  (MAKE SURE it's the correct email, you don't want to invite an unknown person)

What happens next?

  • The invitee will receive an email requesting them to accept the invite. 

  • The invitation is active for 48 hours

  • Once accepted, they will have full access to your account until you explicit remove them from the collaboration list. 

Access Level

  • Full Access: will give your collaborator full access to your event with the exception of Refunding your customers.

  • Limited Access: will give your collaborator to the following sections

    • Event Setup

      • Pixel Management

      • Volunteer Setup

      • Collaborators

      • Email Athletes/Volunteers

    • Planning

      • Workouts

      • Reports

    • Participants

      • Athletes

      • Teams

      • Volunteers

      • Vendors

      • Waitlist

    • Social

      • Share & Display

      • Broadcast

    • Scoring

      • Manage Scores

      • Disqualify Competitor

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