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How do I disqualify (DQ) a competitor?
How do I disqualify (DQ) a competitor?
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If a competitor is removed from competition for violating the rules of the game, i.e. drug use, misconduct, etc..  You can effectively disqualify them without changing the history of the leaderboard.

A DQ will NOT remove any points accumulated by this competitor, however it will remove them from their current ranking position and move the rest of the field up by a rank.  

For example:

1st = Team Destroyer (1000pts)
2nd = Team Ethos (900pts)
3rd = Team Indo (800pts)
4th = Team Scaled As Needed (700pts)

If Team Destroyer gets disqualified due to drug use.  The shift in leaderboard would be:

DQ = Team Destroyer
1st = Team Ethos (900pts)
2nd = Team Indo (800pts)
3rd = Team Scaled As Needed (700pts)

Please note: this not the same as a WD (Withdraw) or a DNF (Did not finis

A WD is used when a competitor can no longer continue.  This will notate them as WD on the leaderboard and push them to the bottom of the leaderboard and out of contention to being ranked.

A DNF is used if a competitor does not finish a workout, for example not meeting minimum work requirement.  This will notate them as DNF and give them a score of 0.  They remain in contention to be ranked but this will drastically hurt their overall score. Please note this is completely different than a competitor being time capped. 


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