Cancelling an event
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  • Think about going virtual? Check out this article here

  • Check out our COVID-19 FAQ here.  If you are refunding within the COVID-19 relief period ending on May 1, please contact support, we will issue the refunds on your behalf to ensure athletes get 100% of their refund back.


It happens due to reasons out of your control.  Here are the suggested steps to take to in cancelling out your event.

  1. To prevent anymore registrations, within the Event Details section, change the status of your event from Publish to Cancelled 

  2. Notify your athletes, you can send a quick email directly from your event under Email Athletes/Volunteers

  3. Begin your refund process.  Go to each athlete, and click "Refund"  (Learn more here)

Please note: You must have a balance in your Stripe account to issue a refund. Competition Corner is unable to offer refunds on our processing fees

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