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Managing Athlete Check In
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The days of printing athlete lists and picking your favorite color highlighter are behind us.  You can now process Athlete Check In through the Competition Corner app.

How does it work:

  • You can use your primary account, a collaborator, volunteer account and/or invite a specific person to only handle Athlete Check In.

What can you do:

  • You can look up athletes by scanning their check in QR code, searching and/or browsing.

  • You can have athletes sign their liability waivers before completing their check in.

  • If an athlete is part of a team, you can simply look up one of their team members.

  • You can run a report on checked in, not checked in, and/or withdrawn athletes.

Limited Access Accounts

  • You can create 'limited access' accounts for your team members that will solely manage this process. Go to Event Setup -> Collaborators, from there you can either create a volunteer account or a specific account just for checking in athletes.

For Athletes:

  • Athlete do not need their QR code, however if they have it, it can help expedite the checkin flow.

  • Athlete's can retrieve their QR code from their My Competition page

  • Locate your event, and click/tap on Check In Code

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