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Points Series Leaderboard

Managing a season of competitions

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Now you can run a season-long points competition with may culminate into a crowning moment, such as a regional and/or championship event.  Much like similar sports such as the FedEx Cup, athletes and even teams, have the opportunity to earn points for every event within the series.

This gives your competitors more winning and earning opportunities throughout the competition season.  

This opens up a variety of formats and tiers in how you can shape your playbook for your competition.

Here are a few ideas:

  • You can run multiple competitions, that give competitors an opportunity to qualify for something bigger, i.e. a championship event and/or a grand prize based on total points earned.

  • You can network with other affiliates or competitions and create a season within your local community or even shape a series around crowning the top affiliate in a cup series.

  • If you're already running a standard online qualifier path to a championship, you can now introduce a secondary path to qualify for a championship spot.  

Below is an example of the the DBVFF season across 6 events throughout the year that culminated into a points series leaderboard.  

Features available:

  • you can run the series for both individual and teams.

  • you can mix the season leaderboard with virtual and on-location events.

  • define independent points award for each event within the season, i.e. virtual events may offer less points versus an on-location event. 

  • establish a cut off point for each event, i.e. competitors that fall below 40th place will not be awarded points in the season leaderboard.

If you have questions about this feature, hit us up in the chat and we'd be happy to help you get it setup.   

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