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Combining leaderboards
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Combining leaderboards allow you to create a single leaderboard across multiple event locations.


  • You are organizing a global event, that will be hosted at multiple locations throughout the globe.

  • Competitors register and compete at the nearest location.

  • Each location will manage the competition independently, such as the scheduling, heat and lane assignments that are relevant to them.

  • Each location would perform the same workouts.

In this example, the Granite Games hosted their event at 47 host locations throughout the globe on a single day across multiple timezones. Each location have their own local leaderboard, however as each location comes to the conclusion of their event, the global leaderboard is updated to rank all competitors across the board.

To get started, head over to "Combined Leaderboard" within your menu.

Establish a leaderboard name, next you will start the mapping process.

  1. First, you will identify each location you want to include on the leaderboard. You may use the default event name or assign it a different name, such as the "Location"

  2. Next, you will create and assign all the divisions from each event.

  3. Finally, you will create and assign all the divisions to each workout.

It is critical that workouts share the exact setup across all locations, in order for the leaderboard to accurately aggregate and rank the competitors accordingly.

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