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If you've hit your capacity and still want to cover your spread in case there are drop offs in your participation. You can enable a wait list.

General Rules

  • Waitlist will appear when your event or division sells out.

  • The waitlist option will only work if registration is open and the divisions are not password protected.

Enabling The Waitlist

  • You must turn on the Waitlist within the division, this allows you to decide which divisions you want to take a wait list.

  • Once the capacity is reached either based on your global limit or divisional limit, the Join Waitlist button will appear in place of the registration option.

How It Works

Joining the waitlist

As soon as you sell out, the register option for your event will change to "Join Waitlist"

When the prospective athlete joins the waitlist, they will be added to a queue by division.

Once the athlete joins the waitlist, they have the option to opt out at anytime.

Notifying from the waitlist

If/when a spot opens, head over to Participants > Waitlist, sort by division, and click the email icon to notify them that a spot has been opened.

If the athlete has already registered either for their waitlisted division or another division, their name will automatically be striked out.

Note: The waitlist is a first come first serve registration. It does not save the spot for the person you notified. If you want to save a spot specific to that person, we suggest using the Invitation feature under Planning > Invitation Management.

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