Shifting Heat Schedules

How to quickly adjust your schedule due to a delay....

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You may run into a situation where a heat has caused a delay or perhaps running ahead of schedule in the overall schedule. The net result ultimately affects the timeline for the remainder of the day. If you want to ensure the heat times posted online align with the shift in the schedule, you can just the "Adjust Heat Schedule" feature.

You'll find this feature under the Schedule tab within any workout.

  • Click "Adjust Heat Schedule"

  • Select the first heat you want to shift the schedule for

  • If you only want to shift all other workouts happening on the same stage, check "Include subsequent workouts..."

  • Define your shift in minutes.

    • To shift forward, add a positive value

    • To shift backwards, add a negative value

This feature will cascade down in ascending order of your existing schedule. For example, if you shift the schedule from Heat 5, all subsequent heats will be affected.

Once the schedule has been shifted, all new times will automatically update throughout your event such as the Schedule and Athlete Schedule on the leaderboard

Be sure to communicate with your backend team so they can make note of the adjustment or reprint and redistribute the new schedule for your backend team.

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