Early Bird Pricing
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If you're looking to capture an early audience right out of the gate, try offering a discount for a limited time based on available spots or based on a deadline.

You can enable Early Bird Pricing at 2 levels, general pricing (Event Details -> Pricing) or divisional pricing (Event Details -> Divisions).

To enable a general Early Bird pricing, head over to the Pricing page and turn the feature on. You'll be presented with a few options:

  • The early bird price

  • How many spots are available and/or when it expires

The pricing will apply to all divisions unless there is a different early bird pricing set within a division. In which case the division settings take priority.

As soon as all available spots are taken or when the early bird date expires, the price will automatically roll back to the original price.

Note: If an athlete is in process of registration and the spot or date expires during that session, the discounted price will be honored.

To apply an early bird price by division, go into the specific division and set your pricing parameters. This allows you to override the general settings.

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