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How do I move an athlete to another event?

I run multiple events and an athlete signed up for the wrong one, how do I move them to the correct event?

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If you run multiple competitions at a time, you may run into a rare case of an athlete signing up for the wrong location.

Not to worry, 2 easy ways to move the athlete:

As an event organizer you can:

From there, simply locate the Athlete/Team from the originating event and then select the new event and division you'd like to transfer them over to.

Click Transfer Athlete when you're ready.

Have the athlete do it themselves:

  • You need to turn on the option under your Organizer Settings -> Global Options -> Settings

  • *Once that's enabled, athletes can go to their dashboard and simply transfer their registration over to another of your events.

*Athlete's can only transfer to a 1:1 format, meaning if they registered as a Team, they can only transfer over as a Team, in addition:

  • The resulting destination must have an available spot for them

  • The pricing must be the same

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