Wilks and Sinclair Scoring

Relative strength scoring

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If you're looking to measure the relative strength of an athlete regardless of their weight class, you can incorporate a Wilks or Sinclair coefficient to your lifting events.

To enable this feature,

  • Create workout with a scoring type of For Weight: Heaviest is Best

  • Select your coefficient formula: Wilks 2020 or Sinclair 2020

When entering scores, you will be asked for 2 data points:

  • *Bodyweight

  • Lifted Weight

*The source of the bodyweight may be entered at the point of entry, or automatically pulled from the declared body weight at the time of registration.

The input will be based on the unit of measure you set. The system will convert the values to the respective formula to generate the correct output based on the athletes gender. An example, if you are lifting in lbs for a Sinclair workout, we will convert the lbs to kgs before we run it through the formula, but if you're lifting in kgs, we will simple run that directly through the Sinclair formula as is.

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