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Community Video Review

Let the community help you prioritize video reviews

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The community video review feature allows the public to provide meaningful feedback based 3 key performance indicators:

  • Movement Standard Infraction

  • Incorrect Score/Time

  • Performed as Prescribed

To avoid a collective of 'noise' and 'trolling', the results are hidden from the community to ensure each response is independent and not influenced.

To enable this feature, go to Scoring Setup > Online Score Submission Options > check 'Show Video Link on Leaderboard' + 'Allow Community Feedback'

We already provide you with the Workout and Overall Rank within the scoring dashboard as a way to prioritize your scoring review. This third 3rd layer of information adds another priority point to your review process.

To prevent spammers from arbitrarily providing feedback, every person must have a Competition Corner account to provide feedback.

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