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Using the Minos Device
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The Scoring Kairo's Minos® is our integrated smart device that allows you to capture real time data and scores during a workout. This small device is packed with features and can scale to support any type of competition configuration.

It's capability includes:

  • Synchronized Stop Watch (no more relying on judges to start their clocks at the same time)

  • Workout Rep Counter aligned with Rounds and Movements

  • Concept 2 Integration to capture distance / calorie based movements within a workout.

  • Workout Movement Guide

Preparing for the workout

The Stage Manager holds the master controls and will deliver the workout and heats over-the-air to each lane device. This typically happens shortly after the previous heat has ended.

  1. Lane judges should confirm their Lane and Athlete on screen and tap OK to confirm.

  2. Once confirmed, the workouts first movement will display.

  3. Standby and wait for the countdown

The Workout

The Stage Manager will confirm everyone is ready and the countdown will begin. Each device along with the stage clock will countdown in synchronization. This ensures the times are standard across all lanes.

As the workout begins, press (+) to advance a repetition and (-) to remove a repetition.

Continue advancing until the athlete completes all movements.

Finished Screen

At the completion of the workout, a summary of the athletes score will be displayed.

  • If the athlete completed the workout, their finish time will appear immediately after their last repetition.

  • If the athlete did not complete the workout, the time cap will be displayed along with the total number of repetitions completed.

The results will automatically upload to Competition Corner and stages in the system until the scoring team released the score to the leaderboard.

Note: It's recommended to write the final results on a score sheet and have the athlete sign off on it.


Battery Level

Once the device reaches 25%, an on screen message will appear as BATTERY LOW, if you are in the middle of a heat, the device will continue to work.

As a precaution, the device will not allow you to proceed to a new workout until you've re-charged or swapped out the battery.

Signal Strength

The Minos is a wireless device, while signal is rarely compromised, it's important to know when a device is not in the optimal range. The dBm value at the bottom right of the screen notates the devices signal strength. If the color changes to Red, the stage antennas should be adjusted to strengthen the signals.

Athlete is not selectable

If you can not select an athlete there are a few reasons:

  • Another device has already selected that athlete.

  • The athlete has withdraw from competition but was not removed from the schedule

  • The battery levels have fallen below 25%

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