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Button Timing & Rep Counting System
Button Timing & Rep Counting System
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We have partnered up with Scoring Kairos and Funnctional Vision in delivering an integrated and seamless timing and rep counting system.

They offer a scaleable and modular timing solution that allows you to create more engagement during your event, their product line includes:

Minos® : A rep counting device that allows you to capture the live action during the workout, this device can be used as a stand alone.

Athene® : A button timing system that allows your athletes to stop their own clock as they cross the finish line.

Echo® : This is an LCD display placed on each lane that provides instant feedback the current leaders during a workout in addition to every rep, calorie, meter, and finish times of each lane.

Chronos®: This is a stage clock that is linked up to every connected device on the competition floor to ensure accurate and consistent timing from the start of each event.

The product stack can be used alone or together depending on what the overall experience goal you're looking to achieve.

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