Applicable to: Onsite and Online Events

After you've created your event, go to the Promo Codes section. Within this section you can create a variety of Promo Codes that fit your needs.

Some features available to you:

  • Create as many promo codes and price points as you'd like
  • Create promo codes that expire
  • Create promo codes with a limited use
  • Limit promo codes by division

Creating a Promo Code

  1. Enter a Promo Code that you will share with your Athletes
  2. Enter the Promotional Price for that specific code - This will be the actual price paid
  3. Enter an Expiration Date (if applicable)
  4. Enter a Total Use Limit  (if applicable)
  5. If you have divisions, you can set a promo code for specific divisions

 A few notes:

  1. You can use the Expiration Date and Total Use Limit independently or together.
  2. If you use both options together, whatever field reaches its limit first, will invalidate the promo code.
  3. Not specifying an Expiration Date or Limit will allow customers to use the promo codes without restriction.
  4. The promo code field will only appear on your registration form if you have a valid and active promo code.  It will appear after the credit card payment info.  

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