Applies to: Onsite and Online Events

Yes you can.  By default, our platform supports 2 types of scoring:

  • Point per Place, lowest score wins (i.e. 1st place gets 1 point, 2nd place gets 2 points, etc..) 
  • Table Based, where each placement has an assigned point value (i.e. 1st place gets 100 pts.  You can see the default point spread here.

To define your own point system, go to:

  • Scoring Setup to setup your global scoring system (if you want to specify a point system for a specific Division, go to that division)
  • Select "By Point" scoring, this will expose another option to turn on custom scoring, set that to Use 
  • Next prepare your scoring breakdown. Create a spreadsheet with 2 columns. First column named Rank, second column named Points.
  • Save that spreadsheet as a CSV file
  • Then go back to Scoring Setup and click "Upload Custom Scoring"
  • Upon a successful upload, you will see a new option called "View Point Breakdown", this allows you to view your point breakdown.
  • This scoring system will apply for all divisions unless you specify a point system at the division level.

If you want to specify a different scoring system by division, proceed to the "Division" and upload a specific points breakdown for each division.

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