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How do I validate an Athlete's score?
How do I validate an Athlete's score?
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Note: This only applies if the Event Organizer enables this feature.

So you just received an email to validate your athletes performance for an online qualifier, what now?

Once the athlete is done submitting their online score, they will add you as the judge. An email is sent to you to log in and validate that score on behalf of that athlete.

Here's what will happen:

  • You receive your email, it'll have an email subject of "A score is awaiting validation for <Event Name>"

  • Click the VALIDATE SCORE button in the email to review and validate their score.

  • Click on the Workout tab, and review the athlete's score.

  • You can view the Workout Description, Review the Standards Video and See the Deadline Date

  • You can Reject or Accept the Athlete's score at this point.

  • If you Reject Athlete's score, you can provide a reason.  They will receive a notification to re-submit their score and their score will be removed from the leaderboard

  • If you Accept the Athlete's score, their unofficial annotation next to their score will be removed from the leaderboard.

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