Note: As of October 1 2021, due to the fluid banking regulations and sanctions on bank transfers at the moment, we will be pausing all new wire transfer accounts. All pre-existing Event Organizers will remain active.


We may offer a wire transfer on a case by case basis depending on your locale.


  • There is an additional 2% + .50 per registration on top of our standard fees. If you are collecting in non-USD, payments are based on the USD converted value at the time of each transaction.   For example, if you are charging 30 Euros, the converted USD at the time of transaction is $32.83, and another transaction is converted to $32.17.  Your payout will be based on the sum of the USD amount converted back to the originating currency. (The value may be more or less depending on the exchange rate at the time of transfer)

  • Stripe processing fees may vary depending on origin of payment, such as an additional 1% charge for non-US based cards, 1% charge if a currency conversion is required. (more details here)

  • There is a $150.00 administration fee to process a bank transfer.

  • Payouts for wire transfers will take place 1 week after your event is complete.

  • First time wire transfers may encounter delays depending on receiving banks transfer policies. 

  • A credit card must be provided to cover any incidentals that may result from payment chargebacks, refund fees, etc. associated with your event and not limited to the time frame of the actual event.

  • You must provide government issued identification that matches the bank account we would issue.


1. In accordance with the international sanctions, mutual rules of corresponding banks and internal policy, it is fully restricted to make international transfers to countries listed below:

  • Iran (IRN)

  • North Korea (PRK)

  • Syria (SYR)

  • Sudan (the Republic of) (SDN)

  • Cuba (CUB)

  • Crimea region of Ukraine

2. In accordance with the international sanctions, mutual rules of corresponding banks and internal policy in sanctions risk management, it is possible that there could be certain limitations for making international transfers to countries listed below:

  • Afghanistan

  • Armenia

  • Azerbaijan

  • Belarus

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Burundi

  • Central African Republic

  • China

  • DR Congo

  • Egypt

  • Guinea (Republic of)

  • Guinea-Bissau

  • Haiti

  • Iraq

  • Lebanon

  • Libya

  • Mali

  • Moldova

  • Montenegro (Yugoslavia)

  • Myanmar (Burma)

  • Nicaragua

  • Pakistan

  • Russia

  • Serbia (Yugoslavia)

  • Somalia

  • South Sudan

  • Tunisia

  • Turkey

  • Turkmenistan

  • Ukraine

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Venezuela

  • Yemen

  • Zimbabwe

Contact us if there are any questions.

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