If Stripe is not an option for you, we can offer a wire transfer.  


  • There is an additional 2% + .50 per registration on top of our standard fees. If you are collecting in non-USD, payments are based on the converted value at the time of each transaction.   For example, if you are charging 30 Euros, the converted USD at the time of transaction is $32.83, and another transaction is converted to $32.17.  Your payout will be based on the sum of the USD amount converted back to Euros.
  • You must absorb any fees associated to the wire transfer (typically $45-75 USD per wire transfer)
  • Payouts for wire transfers will take place 1 week after your event is complete.
  • First time wire transfers may encounter delays depending on receiving banks transfer policies. 

Contact us and we can discuss details on payout schedule.

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