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I don't see an option to submit a score
I don't see an option to submit a score
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There's a couple reasons why you would not see the "Submit Score" option:

Here are the system rules: 

  • The "Submit Score" option only appears when a workout is active and has not passed the deadline.

  • If you're on a Team, only the Team captain (the person that registered) will see the "Submit Score" option

If the above are true and you still don't see the submit option:

  • Make sure you're signed in with the same email account you used to register, check your original registration confirmation email.

  • You may have signed up unknowingly with a typo in your email address. In that case contact us using the chat option and we'll get you squared away.  

  • To expedite the process, let us know your First / Last Name, Correct Email Address and Event Name, this will help us locate your rogue registration.

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