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How does the leaderboard work?
How does the leaderboard work?

Scoring system, Notations, etc.

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Scoring System

The points on a leaderboard may be different from one event to another, check with the Event Organizer on what scoring system they are using.  Some events will score based on Placement, by Points or cumulative.

An example of a 

  • Score by placement, 1st place receives 1 point; 2nd receives 2 points, etc.  The overall competitors with the lowest point wins.

  • Score by points, 1st place received 100 points, 2nd receives 95 points, etc.  The overall competitors with the highest point wins. The point breakdown can be found on the event workout page.

  • Cumulative score, sums up your raw workout scores to determine your overall rank.

Score Notations:

  • CAP = Time Capped, you will see this if an Athlete does not finish a workout within the allotted time.  In this case, their score is indicated as "CAP" plus completed reps, for example CAP + 15.  This score is ranked below anyone that finished a workout before the time cap.

  • DNF = Did Not Finish, this will indicate an athlete missed the workout, was injured or didn't meet the minimum work requirement of the workout, but will continue in the competition.  A DNF results in 0 points for the designated workout.  They are still in contention, however are at a great disadvantage. 

  • WD = Withdraw, this indicates an Athlete has decided to not continue with the competition.  In this case, they are dropped to the bottom of the leaderboard and out of contention to podium.

  • Asterisk next to a score = Unofficial, this indicates the score is unofficial.

Refresh Rate:

The leaderboard is refreshed as soon as a score is posted.  The event organizer determines when to actually post the scores.

Overall Tiebreaker:

  • If there is an overall tie, athletes will share the same rank.  If the rank is a podium spot, depending on the rules of the event, it's at the Event Organizers discretion to determine the tiebreaker, in many cases the athlete that has the best overall wins.

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